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Best Practices for Service Apps (CORP-BP-SA-A20-EN)

Welcome to this Service Apps course! In this cursus, you will be able to view exclusive documentation related to the implementation and maintenance of Service Apps templates. Learn about the charts created by the Apps Factory and discover best practices & tips that apply to CSS custom properties, embedded widgets, responsive mode, translation, accessibility and optimizations in apps. Also, take advantage of the discussion forum to interact with the instructors and other learners of this course!

All the documents in this course, as well as the CSS custom properties Excel document, can also be viewed and/or downloaded in the course files.

Language: English Course instructor: Apps Factory Version: AUTUMN 2020

  • Introduction to Service Apps templates
  • CSS variables
  • Embedded page, sidebar, header and footer widgets
  • Responsive mode
  • Translation
  • Accessibility
  • Optimization in apps
  • Discussion forum
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed