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Best practices for Service Bots (CORP-BP-SB-A20-EN)

Welcome to this Service Bots course! In this cursus, you'll find documentation for a virtual agent deployment project, from scoping to go-live - marking the beginning of the agent's training phase thanks to the first users' feedback, which can be analyzed via reporting. And, of course, consult the best practices for writing procedures in order to master the specificities of procedures intended for a virtual agent.

All of these documents, as well as the PS Service Bots project artifacts, can also be viewed and/or downloaded, in the files of this course! ;)

Note: to best follow this course, we recommend having completed the course on Best Practices for Self Help upstream, presenting in particular the project best practices.

Language: English Course instructor: Céline RONDREUX & Coralie PIRON Version: AUTUMN 2020

  • Scoping: elaboration of the virtual agent
  • Design of the virtual agent
  • Writing of procedures
  • NPS and dictionaries
  • Commissioning and reporting
  • Discussion forum
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed